Esperantohalle Baumaschinen


Congresses and conferences, art and culture, events and shows, trade fairs and exhibitions - all these events need space. Space for development, for design, space for impact and atmosphere, flair and ambience.

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The Esperantohalle offers this space. 2,500 square meters of interior space offer optimal design possibilities. The modern event hall is fully air-conditioned, the grandstand areas can be extended electronically and offer upholstered seats. In the VIP area on the 360 sqm gallery, 112 seats are also equipped with high backrests. The Esperanto Hall is equipped with a Bose sound system, a variable stage system and can be driven on with a floor point load of 2.5 tons per square metre. Depending on the usage variant, the ceiling load/hanging points are up to 42 tons. The hall floor can be individually covered with laminate or carpet.

The event area has 6 dressing rooms for artists and 3 event offices. In addition, there are 19 conference and group rooms, which are also available if required.


Rows of chairs: 3,300 people

Parliament: 1,200 people

Banquet: 1,300 people

Concert, seated: 3,300 people

TV gala: 1,200 people

 (Figures vary depending on the general conditions such as distance regulations, stage, technology, catering, etc.)


Usable floor space (ground floor): 2,000.00 sqm
Usable area gallery (upper floor): 500.00 sqm
Room height ground floor to lower edge of truss: 10.00 m
Attic height: 13.30 m
Storey height (upper floor): 4.48 m
Roof: Trapezoidal sheet metal - warm roof

Payload floor (ground floor): 17.00 kN / sqm
Payload gallery: (upper floor): 7.50 kN / sqm
Air conditioning: Yes
Complete lighting & sound equipment: on request
Sound system: Bose
Variable stage system: Yes

Telescopic grandstands electronically extendable: Yes
Floor point load: 2.50 tons per sqm
Ceiling load suspension points: up to 42 tons
Laminate or carpet tiles available: on request
Artists' dressing rooms: 6
Event offices: 3

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