Saunalandschaft Dämmerung Paar

Enjoy our Sauna world in the Hotel Esperanto

Enjoy the cozy warmth of our sauna area.

Finnish sauna

(currently closed to day guests)

For those that like it hot: At 85 - 95 °C the immune system is strengthened, the respiratory organs supported and the body purged.

Japan sauna

(currently closed to day guests)

The Japan sauna (85 - 90 °C) is located in the centre of our Japanese Garden. Relax in the fountain of youth below our pavilion and allow yourself to be enchanted by the Far-Eastern ambience.

Kelo sauna

(currently closed to day guests)

Rustic and harmonious – venerable timbers, glowing stones and a fireplace underscore the unique atmosphere at a temperature of 90 °C. The plunge basin adjacent is the perfect place to cool off.

Quiet rooms

Dream yourself into your own world. A set of headphones with your choice of music can be found on each lounger.


(currently closed)

Exclusive herbal vapour bath with a room temperature of around 50 °C. Here naturally pure mint and eucalyptus oils have a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs.

Sensorial showers and ice fountain

(currently closed)

Experience an explosion of the senses with sounds, coloured lights and ice.

Wellness bistro

In our bistro you can enjoy snacks and vitamin-packed drinks.

Brine bath

(currently closed to day guests)

Take advantage of the natural healing power of salt. A cosy temperature of 33 °C in the indoor and outdoor pool, with bubble loungers.


(currently closed)

Roman steam bath with a high moisture content. Liberating aromas and slowly rising temperatures up to 45°C loosen cramped muscles and ensure intensive cleansing of the skin and purging.

Hamam steam bath

(currently closed)

This Turkish bathing culture dates back 800 years. In the hamam steam bath body and soul bathe in the mild warmth (45 °C) and gentle light of the Orient. We recommend that you accompany this with a soap lather cleansing with a full-body oil massage to follow.

Also in Beauty & Spa

(currently closed)

Jacuzzi, solarium, cardio area

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