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Beauty & Spa Esperanto Day packages

All of our day packages include admission to our 4,000 m² sauna and brine area (currently closed to day guests). A snug bathrobe is provided for the duration of your stay.

Partner packages

  • Welcome drink in the Beauty & Spa Esperanto Bistro
  • Enjoy a full-body oil massage together in our massage suite
  • Immerse yourself in our petal dream bath by candlelight, with sparkling wine and fresh fruit

Pampering time approx. 2 hours

139.00 euros per person

Hamam pampering day

  • Welcome drink in the Beauty & Spa Esperanto Bistro
  • Hamam – experience our Turkish steam bath with a traditional soap foam massage. Relax and enjoy on warm stone benches with a glass of tea and a hamam full-body massage with Oriental oils

Pampering time approx. 1.5 hours

119.00 euros per person

Indocéane sensorial journey around the world

1st stop "Discover the Mediterranean"

Indocéane body peeling "Commage Sucré-Salé"

Relax with soft music and the scent of the Mediterranean and enjoy the sweet-salty body peeling on the basis of cassonade sugar cane, citrus oil, sea salt and Qi-Marine.

2nd stop: Egypt "Homeland of Cleopatra"

Indocéane precious milk bath "Bain de Lait Precieux"

Enjoy an Egyptian bathing ritual, a precious milk bath of white musk, Qi-Marine, Indian lotus, gold powder, sandalwood and vanilla in the Oriental venus bath, enveloped by warm colours and the intoxicating scents of the Orient.

3rd stop: India "The land of Ayurveda"

Indocéane massage

The focal point of the third leg of the journey is the uniquely vitalising Indocéane massage, in which tension is eased and the flow of energy stimulated.

4th stop: China "The land of eternal youth"

Indocéane body wrap "Sublime"

Enveloped in the intense care of Indian lotus and rice bran oil, rich in omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins A and E, the silky "Sublime" body wrap nourishes the skin and makes it tender and soft.

Pampering time approx. 2 hours

184.00 euros per person

Polynesia – a sensorial journey to distant islands…

Polynesia body peeling vanilla island Taha'a

The seductive body peeling of softly-smoothing coconut shell, white sand, sea salt and nourishing oils leaves behind skin that is velvety-smooth and supple. The harmonious scent of coconut and vanilla beguiles the senses and delivers perfect relaxation.

Polynesia bath blue lagoon island Manihi

The azure-blue lagoon water bath with essential oils, water lily and algae extracts has a calming and deeply relaxing effect. The fresh ocean scent delivers a feeling of intense well-being and relaxation, as if after a wonderful dip in the Pacific Ocean.

Polynesia massage sand island Bora Bora

A delight for body and soul: the traditional Mahana massage with slow, rhythmic movements and warm sand stamps that give your body a feeling of weightlessness. A silky massage oil with the exotic scent of the tiarè blossom, the queen of Polynesian flowers, moistens and nurtures the skin.

Polynesia body oiling sacred island of Raiatea

The sacred oil surrounds your body in a golden shimmer. Sunflower, almond and apricot oils nourish, moisturise and protect the skin, whilst also delivering new radiance at the end of the treatment.

Pampering time approx. 2 hours

184.00 euros per person

Merveille Arctique – the wonders of the Arctic

Embark on a breathtaking journey through endless ice landscapes with floating lights and emerald waters with the new Thalgo SPA ritual Merveille Arctique. Intensively warming movements, kneading and stretching actions, coupled with relaxing, ice-blue massage balls deliver an interaction of cold and warmth to the surface of the skin, leading to inner harmony and absolute relaxation.

Arctic full-body peeling

A vitalising peeling with tiny salt flakes for the in-depth cleansing of the skin.

Arctic crystal bath

Immerse yourself in an Arctic crystal bath and find tranquillity far from everyday life.

Arctic full-body massage

Wrapped in the delicate scent of powder snow, you relax with a body massage with Arctic massage oil in a perfect symbiosis of warm hands and cold ice cubes.

Arctic full-body wrap

Swathed in a delicately melting full-body wrap, your skin acquires endless suppleness.

Pampering time approx. 1.5 hours

184.00 euros per person

Relax in the city

  • Welcome drink in the Beauty & Spa Esperanto Bistro
  • Sea foam full-body peeling
  • Fabulous Venus bath with aromatic essences
  • Massage and smoothing of the entire body with aroma oils and soft music
  • Relax on pre-warmed loungers with a glass of tea
  • Power-oxygen treatment for the face with in-depth serum – a wonderful burst of freshness, individually tailored to your skin, including day make-up
  • Enjoy a small vitality snack in the wellness bistro
  • Choice of manicure or pedicure with polish

Pampering time approx. 3.5 hours

259.00 euros per person

Information & reservations

We are happy to help you on +49 (661) 2 42 91-9201 or email wellness@hotel-esperanto.de.

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